When Life Derails You

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” ~ H.G.Well

There’s magic in a purpose that fits your beliefs and values. It’s inspiring, energizing and … frightening. Looming in the back of your mind are all the doubts you’ve ever had about your talent, knowledge, skill, tenacity and courage. A nagging voice says “Who do you think you are?”

If you’re like me, the minute anything goes sideways – deadlines missed, follow-ups not completed, efforts turned to a messy heap of mistakes – your brain goes “See???! I told you so!”

Nodding your head? Here’s what you can do – change your beliefs about you.

Those beliefs dv780041came from old data – experiences, failures and embarrassments that helped you grow to what you are today. There is new evidence, new success, accomplishments and knowledge you’ve gained since then.

As a speaker, you can’t afford to play small. It’s time to update your self-image and step up to the responsibility you have to all the teachers that have helped you, and all the students that will seek your help in the future.

“Who you were is only a shadow of who you are, and barely a trace of who you will become if you are willing to accept your purpose.” ~ authentic Carol Carterism #26

You are off to th104634029-jpge side, about to step on stage, share your ideas, your experiences, successes and failures. You are about to ask the audience to see life and all its possibilities in a new way. The worst threat you have is the wee critic in your brain.

I found a much needed boost today from the most bizarre place –  good old Dr. Suess. I hope this brings you perspective, inspiration, and the courage and tenacity you need to stand up and carry on with your big ideas every time you fall. After all, if you never stood back up after each fall as a toddler, you never would have learned to walk … run … leap. Enjoy! Leave me your thoughts below.